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Bing Ads – How they can benefit smaller businesses?

With online advertising becoming an integral part of doing business online, there are many options and strategies that one could adapt. In a world where the rankings on search engines are of highest importance, it makes sense to have your brand advertised on these platforms more than anywhere else.

When there is a mention of search engine, our immediate thoughts run towards Google and yet that is not the only option out there. Statistics show that Microsoft Advertising, previously known as Bing Ads, looks promising in terms of growth year over year. In fact, Bing has about 33% of search engine market share in US. That’s 1 in 3 people in the U.S. who you can reach when they are searching for products, answers and solutions online.

It is true that many smaller businesses do not consider Microsoft Advertising as much as they should and yet it is undoubtedly a platform much more beneficial for reasons as cited below.

CPC is cheap 

Given that the competition is much lesser on Microsoft Advertising in comparison to Google, you are bound to get better positions for your ad with a cheaper CPC (Cost Per Click). The auction dynamics used by Bing Ads is almost the same as that of the Google Ads and yet they deliver the same to you in a better position for the ads at a much cheaper CPC too. The CTR is pretty great too and with lesser competition you have a better chance of visibility as well.

Micro level marketing management 

Want to set up a different marketing campaign for different geographies or for different time zones? Well, Bing Ads has just the strategy customization options for you. If you are aiming for the international markets, then attracting consumers from varying backgrounds can be easier when you assign different campaigns for different locations. You can not only set the scheduling related variables at the campaign level but you can also customize in specific to one ad group, so that you have no need for creating new campaigns for every change at the ad group level.

Target the search partner you need 

Another option which makes Bing Ads a more viable option is that they offer you the flexibility of choosing the search networks where you want to display your ads. You can choose both Bing and Yahoo search and their search partners, or only either of them depending on your need.  There is also an easy report that you can run to find the search partners who is directing more traffic to your website. Additionally you can exclude a particular search partner if required as well.

Setting up is simpler

It is very simple to setup your Bing Ads which starts with setting an account with them. And if you are already using Google Ads with Instaon , you can export them onto Bing and synchronize them automatically, which means there is no need to redo everything you have already done. 

With small budgets, Bing Ads definitely offers a great opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses that want to grow their online presence.  while having a small advertising budgets


Instaon helps small and medium-sized businesses taking their first steps into Google and Bing Ads. By providing an easy to use, fully automated and free service, Instaon cancels out the time-consuming aspect of digital marketing and helps you take your business to the next level! Come join our growing community of 100,000 users and benefit from the Instaon experience!


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