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Cost-per-click factors (Google Ads)

A “click” on one of your ads is signifies a visit or an interaction with your company’s product or service. The price you pay for each click on your ads is called Cost Per Click (CPC). Between March 2019 and March 2020, the highest average monthly CPC in Google Ads search advertising in the United States was 18.57 USD for the insurance industry. Whereby, the lowest was for the electronics sector, with CPC of 83 cents. The cost of your Google Ads CPC depends on different factors including the quality of your website and your maximum bid.

CPC is important to know how much your campaigns on Google Ads cost you and to determine your return on investment. Thus, it is important to target clicks that are both low-cost but valuable.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of CPC to your ads and how to lower your cost per click while maintaining traffic and conversion level?

When a user searches a keyword you’re targeting, Google automatically jumps into auction mode and compares your Ad Rank with that of every other marketer targeting that keyword. Google Ads Auction favors websites with a high Quality Score over lower ones even if you use high bid. If you choose CPC bidding, your CPC will always be your maximum bid (max CPC) or less but not more.

How can you optimize your ads to lower your CPC?

Improve Your Quality Score: You can improve your quality score by improving (CTR). To do this, you’ll have to create convincing ads and relevant ad groups to the keyword searched. In addition, you will have to make sure that the searcher has a great landing page experience that is correspond to what the ad is offering.

Expand Your Reach: By adding new relevant keywords to your ads, your budget distribution will be improved significantly and you will receive valuable clicks. But you will also have to simultaneously remove irrelevant clicks from your campaigns.

Filter Your Traffic: By adding negative keywords continuously to your ads, it helps control your CPC as it decreases traffic that won’t convert and ensure that only relevant and well performing keywords are being targeted.

Do you want to start your online advertising? Instaon optimizes campaigns through advanced keyword research and best-in-class campaigns creation. Once the campaigns are launched, Instaon learns from each click and constantly improves bids, keywords and other parameters to improve results.

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