Google adwords in Iraq

Iraq has got a population of 38 millions and also 7 millions Internet users 7 millions people utilize world-wide-web in Iraq that has a total population of 38 millions.

Google Adwords marketing in Iraq is highly developed and your potential to get to 7 millions million Internet users is therefore crucial Iraq has been performing great when it comes to Google Adwords marketing so reaching 7 millions million web users is critical for an enterprise.

You may target your ads inĀ : Arabic and Kurdish languages Arabic and Kurdish languages may be targeted for your advertisements). In the area Baghdad, your ad campaigns could have a good result Residents in the area Baghdad will be supposed to have biggest impact.

The most famous domain name extension in India is the ".iq", it is essential for the localization of the Google Adwords adsYou should emphasize the localization of the advertisements since ".iq" is the best known web domain extension in India.

Your Adwords campaigns might be paid in Iraqi dinar right into your Google Adwords ID You can pay for your Adwords campaigns simply in Iraqi dinar via your Adwords account). You can easily automate your Adwords activities with InstaonInstaon will make your job much simpler by automating your Adwords campaigns.

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Some Statistics

Facebook reports that search ads improve brand awareness by as much as 80 %.

Social media websites control 33 % of the time users spend online.

For every $1 spent on Google Adwords, businesses make an average revenue of $2.

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