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Denmark has got a population of 5 millions and also 5 millions Web users 5 millions people make use of world wide web in Denmark that has a total population of 5 millions.

Google Adwords business in Denmark is really established and your potential to reach 5 millions million Web users is therefore important Denmark has been performing great in terms of Google Adwords advertising therefore reaching 5 millions million web users is crucial for an enterprise.

You may run your advertising inĀ : Danish Danish can be targeted for your ads). In the area Copenhagen, your ad campaigns may have a good effect Residents in the capital Copenhagen would be anticipated to have best influence.

The best known web address extension in India is the ".dk", it is necessary for the localization of the Google Adwords adsYou should put emphasis on the localization of the ads because ".dk" is the best known domain name extension in India.

Your Adwords campaigns may be paid in Danish krone right into your Google Adwords ID It is possible to pay for your Adwords campaigns easily in Danish krone through your Adwords account). You may easily automate your Adwords activities using InstaonInstaon will make your job much easier by automating your Adwords campaigns.

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Some Statistics

43 % of new buyers buy something they saw in a YouTube ad.

The average CPC over all sectors in Google Ads over Internet is $2.69.

Paid visitors like Google Ads converts 50 % better than free traffic.

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