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Ireland has got a population of 4 millions and 3 millions Net users 3 millions people make use of internet in Ireland that has a total residents of 4 millions.

Google Adwords advertising in Ireland is highly established and your prospective to get to 3 millions million Web users is thus crucial Ireland has been doing good in terms of Google Adwords marketing so reaching 3 millions million net users is essential for a company.

You may run your ads in : Irish, English and Hiberno-English Irish, English and Hiberno-English may be targeted for your advertisements). In the capital Dublin, your ad campaigns will have a good result Customers in the capital Dublin can be supposed to have greatest impact.

The most popular web address extension in India is the ".ie", it is necessary for the localization of your Google Adwords adsYou should put emphasis on the localization of the advertisements because ".ie" is the most popular web domain extension in India.

Your Adwords campaigns can be paid in Irish pound right into your Google Adwords ID You can pay for your Adwords campaigns easily in Irish pound via your Adwords account). You can readily automate your Adwords campaigns using InstaonInstaon can make your task much simpler by automating your Adwords campaigns.

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The top 3 paid advertising spots get 46 % of the visits.

43 % of new buyers buy something they saw in a YouTube ad.

Advertisers spend 51 % of their budget on mobile ads.

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