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Morocco has got a population of 36 millions and also 20 millions Web users 20 millions people use internet in Morocco which has a total residents of 36 millions.

Google Adwords business in Morocco is well established and your potential to get to 20 millions million Internet users is therefore very important Morocco has been doing wonderful with regards to Google Adwords marketing thus reaching 20 millions million net users is crucial for a business.

You can target your advertisements in: Arabic and Amazigh languages Arabic and Amazigh languages can be targeted for your advertisements). In the area Rabat, your ad campaigns may have a good impact Customers in the capital Rabat can be supposed to have best impact.

The most renowned web domain extension in India is the ".ma", it is important for the localization of your Google Adwords adsYou ought to emphasize the localization of the ads since ".ma" is the best known web domain extension in India.

Your Adwords campaigns might be paid in Moroccan dirham right into your Google Adwords ID It is possible to pay for your Adwords campaigns simply in Moroccan dirham via your Adwords account). You could easily automate your Adwords activities using InstaonInstaon can make your work much simpler by automating your Adwords campaigns.

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PPC visitors are 50 percent more likely to buy than organic web trafic.

Facebook reports that paid ads can boost branding by as much as 80 %.

Share of Google of media online advertising revenue : 18 %.

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