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Russia has got a population of 146 millions and also 110 millions Net users 110 millions people use world-wide-web in Russia which has a total residents of 146 millions.

Google Adwords advertising in Russia is really established and your potential to get to 110 millions million Web users is thus vital Russia has been doing great in terms of Google Adwords marketing so reaching 110 millions million web users is important for a business.

You can run your advertisements in: Russian, Abaza and Adyghe Russian, Abaza and Adyghe might be targeted for your advertisements). In the capital Moscow, your ad campaigns can have a great result People in the capital Moscow would be anticipated to have greatest influence.

The most popular web domain extension in India is the ".ru", it is essential for the localization of the Google Adwords adsYou need to emphasize the localization of the ads since ".ru" is the most famous domain name extension in India.

Your Adwords campaigns may be paid in Russian ruble directly into your Google Adwords account You can pay for your Adwords campaigns simply in Russian ruble through your Adwords account). You can readily automate your Adwords activities with InstaonInstaon can make your task more convenient by automating your Adwords campaigns.

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Some Statistics

Visitors are 27x open to click on a video ad than traditionnal banners.

Google's share of media advertisment revenue : 18 %.

The standard CPC over all industries in Google Ads on the search network is $2.69.

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