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Sweden has a population of 10 millions and also 9 millions Internet users 9 millions people use internet in Sweden which has a total population of 10 millions.

Google Adwords business in Sweden is well established and your prospective to reach 9 millions million Web users is thus important Sweden has been performing impressive with regards to Google Adwords business so reaching 9 millions million web users is vital for an enterprise.

You can run your advertising in : Swedish, Sami languages, Finnish, Meänkieli, Romani and Yiddish Swedish, Sami languages, Finnish, Meänkieli, Romani and Yiddish may be targeted for your advertisements). In the capital Stockholm, your ad campaigns may have a great effect Residents in the capital Stockholm can be expected to have best influence.

The most renowned web address extension in India is the ".se", it is important for the localization of the Google Adwords adsYou have to put emphasis on the localization of the ads simply because ".se" is the most popular web domain extension in India.

Your Adwords campaigns might be paid in Swedish krona directly into your Google Adwords ID You can pay for your Adwords campaigns easily in Swedish krona via your Adwords account). You can readily automate your Adwords activities with InstaonInstaon will make your task much easier by automating your Adwords campaigns.

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The first 3 ads get 46 % of the visits.

Advertisers spend 51 % of their money on mobile ads.

43 % of new customers purchase a product they have seen in a YouTube ad.

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