Google adwords for digital marketing

Google ads is designed for digital marketing, and this is why it is so successful and powerful when you want to increase the number of views/visits as well as the sales of any company.

To make the most of Google adwords, here are a few suggestions.

  • Select keywords carefully. Remember this is what a user should use to get to your services. Auto applied ad suggestion adwords can help you get started.
  • Consider using a combination of SEO and PPC to get quick results, as relying too much on SEO alone can take some time for the results to show up.
  • Always make sure to include a call to action to increase the possibility of clients to reach out to you right away.
  • Track your campaigns and clicks to stay on top of its performance. You can also use Google adwords management software to do this job for you.
Automated Adwords
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Some Statistics

Each $1 spent on PPC campaign, companies earn about $2.

The first 3 ads get 46 % of the visits.

Paid traffic such as Google Ads converts 50 % more than organic traffic.

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