Google adwords for higher education

Higher education keywords are one of the most expensive in the world. Research shows that the average CTR for Google adwords related to higher education is around $60. Does this mean you can't tap into the power of Google ads if you're on a tight budget?

Not necessarily. Here are some suggestions to make the most of Google adwords even on a limited budget.

  • Remarketing: When you remarket to the people who show interest in your site, there's a greater chance from them to join your course. At the same time, be ready to block IP addresses if this campaign begins to pull in a lot of spam.
  • Have a dedicated campaign for each disciple as it is more effective and gives you a better control over the performance of each.
  • Research your negative keywords, so you don't end up wasting money on unproductive clicks.
  • Try creative landing pages to attract visitors.
  • Adjust bids as needed. Use adwords pricing tools, if you need help.
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Some Statistics

The standard CPC over all sectors in Google AdWords over Internet is $2.69.

Google reports that paid ads improve brand awareness by as much as 80 %.

Consumers are 27 times open to click on a video ad than traditionnal banners.

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