Google adwords for hotels

How did you book a hotel the last time you traveled? Did you visit a local travel agency to book? Obviously not because in this age of technology, everything is available at the tip of our fingers. This example alone goes to show the extent to which the hotel industry has embraced digital media to sell their rooms and services.

Now, this brings up the role that Google ads plays to act as the bridge between hotels and customers.

First off, Google adwords has a new ad format called hotel ads that's geared specifically for hotel marketers. These ads show detailed information about a hotel to potential visitors, and in turn, this increases their chances of booking a hotel.

To complement it, Google's initiative called My Business helps to improve your presence on the search engine.

If you need help, contact a Google adwords agency to get started.

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Some Statistics

For every $1 spent on PPC campaign, companies make an average revenue of $2.

30.89 % : volume of smartphone Google searches that show minimum one ad on page 1.

The standard cost-per-click over all industries in Google Ads on the search network is $2.69.

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