Google adwords for lead generation

Google adwords helps you to choose the right keywords for which your ad will be displayed to potential customers. Many businesses tend to use Google ads to get leads, rather than directly sell a product or service.

It is important to know that Google places many restrictions on lead generation, with some of them being:

  • Create a landing page where visitors can get meaningful and relevant information. Google does not allow redirects to a seller page directly. This landing page should be transparent and trustworthy and navigation should be easy as well.
  • Google blocks your account if it finds prohibited content or practices in your landing page. Likewise, it will also check for editorial and technical quality and content.
  • Your landing pages should load quickly.

These rules keep changing though. it is best you use a best adwords automated rules tool to stay on top of these rules.

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Some Statistics

Number of shops visitors, Google sent from ad clicks : four billion.

Paid visitors like Google Adwords converts 50 % better than organic traffic.

Consumers are 27x open to click on a video ad than traditionnal banners.

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