Google adwords for my business

As a business owner, you're sure to have heard about Google ads and the huge potential it has. But have you ever considered a Google partners’ certification. This certification helps you get a Google partners badge that you can add to your business. This badge will be a great value addition particularly if you're in the digital marketing business. You no longer have to explain your expertise to potential clients as this Google partner status can speak volumes about your business.

The biggest advantage you get with such a certification is the knowledge and specialization you gain in Google ads world. You will be trained on advanced concepts such as creating ads, identifying keywords, managing these ad campaigns, measuring the performance and optimizing results for specific products. In turn, this can help you provide a more specific and result-oriented service to your customers.

Automated Adwords
Key Benefits
High quality PPC campaign Automation as of 0 USD
AI user intention research for PPC campaigns
Stop burning money on Google Ads
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Some Statistics

Each $1 paid on Google Ads, businesses make an average revenue of $2.

Google reports that search ads can boost brand awareness by as much as 80 %.

43 % of new buyers buy something they saw in a YouTube ad.

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