Google adwords for photography

Here are some tips to see success with Google adwords.

  • Set a monthly budget with daily limits. This helps to ensure that your spending is spread out evenly and it also ensures that Google ads are displayed consistently to potential customers. There are many adwords pricing tools that can help you set this budget.
  • Choose the right keywords. This is important to ensure that your ads are not displayed to people who don't plan to use photography service in the near future.
  • Create the right landing pages, so visitors will have a clear idea of what you expect from you. Also, this is one of the requirements laid down by Google to use their adwords service.
  • Stay on top of your ad campaigns' performance using automated adwords management software. You can of course do it manually as well.
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Some Statistics

The average CPC over all sectors in Google AdWords over Internet is $2.69.

43 % of new buyers purchase a product they saw in a YouTube ad.

For every $1 spent on PPC campaign, businesses earn about $2.

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