Google adwords for real estate

Are you looking to optimize a Google adwords PPC campaign for your real estate business? Here are some tips that can help you reach your advertising goals.

  • Real estate is a local business, which means you're better off targeting customers who live in your area only.
  • Not all users are your potential customers. For example, it is rare for homeowners to look at rental ads unless they plan to move to an apartment soon. Likewise, renters are often tied to a one-year or six-month lease, and this means they will not look at rental ads during this time. So, you'll need to use specific filters in your Google ads campaign to ensure that it reaches the right people only.
  • Use negative keywords to eliminate duplicate city names and other search criteria where you don't want your ad to show up.
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Some Statistics

The average cost-per-click over all industries in Google Ads on the search network is $2.69.

The average click-through rate for an ad in the first position is 7.94 %. The standard click-through rate on AdWords paid search is about 2 %.

Google's share of media advertisment income : 18 %.

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