Google adwords for shopify store

Do you have a shopify store and want to use Google ads to reach to a wide audience? The good news is Shopify offers Google ads credit provided you meet certain conditions.

  • Set up a Google ads account
  • When you pay your first subscription fee to Shopify, you get Google adwords credit. Of course, this is subjected to users in certain countries only and your Google adwords account should have no activity history.
  • Log into your Shopify admin and navigate to the discounts section. If you are eligible to get this free credit, you'll see a message regarding Google adwords. Otherwise, you won't see this message.
  • Click the link called "Claim your Google Ads Coupon" to get the coupon code.
  • Enter this discount code in your Google ads account to enjoy the credit.
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Some Statistics

Google holds 37.2 % of online marketing market, and Facebook gets 19.6 %.

Advertisers use up to 51 % of their budget into mobile ads.

The standarnd conversion rate in AdWords over sectors is 3.75 % for search.

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