Google adwords for website

Are you looking to promote your website using Google ads? Below are some suggestions that can help you to maximize conversions budget and help you get the best ROI.

  • Use the keywords in your headline as well as ad copy.
  • Make sure to give your real contact number in the landing page to add to your credibility.
  • Make sure to connect with your potential audience with the right words in your landing page.
  • Your landing page should be well designed, so it gives a positive impression about your business.
  • Tracking your keywords is of utmost importance to know which ad campaigns are performing better than others. You can consider using an adwords campaign management software to help you with this.
  • Keep the contact form on your landing page, so visitors don't have to navigate to a different page to reach you.
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Some Statistics

Share of Google of all media advertisment income : 18 %.

30.89 % : volume of smartphone Google searches that return at least one advertisment on the first page.

Each $1 spent on Google Adwords, companies make an average revenue of $2.

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