PPC campaign generator review

PPC campaign generator is a great tool that will help you to get more out of your PPC. Here are some salient reviews of this tool.

  • PPC campaign Generator is a versatile tool that is also extremely easy to use. You don't need prior knowledge about this tool to get started, though basic knowledge about PPC is required.
  • The quality of content in this tool has improved greatly over the last few releases.
  • This tool is highly portable, so you can use it with a smartphone or any other portable device.
  • Simple to use and very user-friendly.
  • The best part about this tool is its usability. Anyone with any level of app knowledge can use this tool and tweak it to match the settings that is ideal for their campaign.
  • New features are being added with every release.
Automated Adwords
Key Benefits
Increase keywords conversions
Only pay Google Ads for leads you receive
Improve Campaign Dashboarding
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Some Statistics

The standard CPC across all industries in Google AdWords over Internet is $2.69.

Each $1 spent on PPC campaign, companies make an average revenue of $2.

Paid traffic such as Google Ads converts 50 % better than free traffic.

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