PPC campaign software

What should you look for while buying a PPC campaign software to manage your PPC campaigns? Well, here are some pointers.

  • Supports multiple users - Since many employees of your company can work on this tool to handle different campaigns, it is good to choose an Adwords optimization tool that supports multiple users.
  • Cross-platform - Your tool should help to build and manage PPC campaigns across various platforms such as Google, Bing and more. Also, you should be able to monitor the performance of each from a single interface for easy monitoring.
  • Keyword research and recommendations - Since keywords are an essential part of your PPC campaign, the Adwords optimization tool you choose should help you find the right keywords that are highly relevant to your business. It should even give you appropriate recommendations.
Automated Adwords
Key Benefits
Improve account performances
PPC perfectly optimized ads management for many pages
Facilitate PPC campaign Creation
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Some Statistics

The approximate mobile Google ads CTR (click-through rate) drops 45 % from position 1 to 2.

43 % of new customers purchase a product they have seen in a YouTube ad.

Volume of shops visitors, Google tracked from ad clicks : 4 billion.

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