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Automobile business is much different when compared to say retail or education. In a retail business, customers are likely to see your product and buy it if they like what you offer. But when you take cars, nobody is going to buy a car off a website just like they will buy a bottle of shampoo. In such a case, how will PPC help car sellers?

Well, here PPC is used to generate leads and not necessarily sell the product itself. When leads are generated, the respective dealer will get in touch with the customer and will convert it into a sale. So, PPC works more as a bridge to connect the buyer and seller rather than as a conduit for direct purchase. Nevertheless, leads are important to increase sales in this competitive environment and that's exactly what a PPC campaign gives.

So, never under estimate the power of PPC if you're an auto dealer.

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Some Statistics

About 52 % of people buying online prefer to click on a paying advertisement atop Google's search engine results pages.

Google mentions that search ads improve brand awareness by as much as 80 %.

Paid traffic such as Google Ads converts 50 % more than free traffic.

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