PPC for B2B

PPC is a great opportunity for B2B companies to capture leads fast and efficiently. With PPC, you get to choose your target market including the possible locations where you service, so interested businesses can reach out to you.

The good part about PPC is that businesses look for you instead of you looking for them. How? When you sign up with Google ads, details of your offering is posted on search engines when come business searches with relevant keywords. For example, let's say you sell a cloud storage service. Now businesses that want to move their data to the cloud will search the web and your ad will be displayed on Google search result. They click your ad, and you get connected. It's really that simple.

The beauty is, PPC is not just simple but also effective for both the parties.

Automated Adwords
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Only pay Google Adwords for visits you receive
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Some Statistics

Visitors are 27 times open to click on a video ad than traditionnal banners.

Google Ads visitors are 50 percent more likely to buy than organic web trafic.

The first 3 ads get 46 % of the clicks on the page.

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