PPC for dentists

Dentists who are looking to get customers must use PPC as it allows you to target a specific audience. However to make the most of the benefits offered by PPC, here are some terms that you should be familiar with.

  • Pay per click - You bid on specific keywords and pay a certain fee when your ad is clicked by someone. If your ad is displayed on the search/display network but no one clicks, you're not charged.
  • Conversion - When the person who clicks your ad books an appointment for dental health, you have a conversion. The number of conversions divided by the total number of clicks gives you the conversion rate, and this is an important metric for evaluating the performance of your PPC campaign.

If you're new to this, consider hiring the services of a Google adwords agency or using an adwords optimization tool.

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Some Statistics

Each $1 spent on Google Adwords, businesses earn an average revenue of $2.

Consumers are 27x more likely to click on online video ad than traditionnal banners.

The standard cost-per-click over all sectors in Google Ads over Internet is $2.69.

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