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By now, you should be well-versed with what PPC is and how it can boost your business in a big way. So, in this piece, we're going to touch upon an important, but often overlooked aspect of bidding.

Generally speaking, there are two types of bidding in Google adwords and they are manual bidding and automatic bidding. As the name suggests, automatic bidding is where you set the budget and allow Google to take care of the rest for you. Ad placement, frequency and all other parameters will be handled by Google. and this is most ideal if you're time-strapped.

The other option is manual bidding where you decide ad placement and frequency and everything else. This option gives you complete control over your PPC campaign, but can require a lot of time and effort. To help you, consider using an adwords optimization tool or the services of a Google adwords partner.

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Some Statistics

The average click-through rate for an ad in position 1 is 7.94 %. The standard CTR on AdWords paid search is about 2 %.

65 percent of all clicks done by visitors who intend to make a purchase go to paid advertising.

The average conversion rate in Google Ads over sectors is 3.75 % for search.

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