PPC for lawyers

Here are some tips to help lawyers like you to maximize the potential of PPC campaigning.

  • Your landing path should give visitors your contact details, so they can get in touch with you if needed.
  • Optimize your PPC campaign and landing page for mobile users too because research shows that most people tend to use their smartphones to find the information they want.
  • Come up with creative ads that engage your audience and help your business to connect with them at a personal level.
  • Consider giving a link using Google Map.
  • Use the right keywords. Many people tend to search for phrases like "divorce lawyers near me", so make sure you incorporate these terms as well.
  • Set a reasonable budget that is not too high for you and at the same time is not too low for Google ads.
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Improve account performances
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Some Statistics

43 % of new buyers purchase something they have seen in a YouTube ad.

Volume of store visitors, Google tracked from ad clicks : 4 billion.

Google gets 37.2 % of online marketing market, whereas Facebook holds 19.6 %.

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