PPC for recruitment

Why is a PPC campaign the best partner for recruiters? Well, here's why.

  • All those who seek jobs will turn to search engines at some point during the hunt. This is where you can tap.
  • Job seekers know that a specialist recruiter is better than a generic jobs board, so they are more likely to click on your ad even if job boards dominate the ad results.
  • You can create your own retail space within the top three positions in Google search, and this can give you wide visibility.
  • You can do geo-targeting, especially if you're looking only for local talent.
  • PPC campaigns work well within any budget.
  • These campaigns give you visibility across a wide geographic area, if that's something you want. This way, you can attract talent from around the world.
Automated Adwords
Key Benefits
Accelerate Google Ads Dashboarding
Adwords perfectly optimized ads management for large volumes
Smart semantic analysis for Google Adwords
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Some Statistics

Marketers exhaust 51 % of their money on mobile ads.

Google Ads visitors are 50 % more likely to buy than organic web trafic.

The first 3 ads get 46 % of the visits.

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