PPC for small business owners

As a small business owner using PPC for marketing, here are some pitfalls that should stay away from.

  • Poor keyword selection - Make sure to pick keywords relevant to your business. If you plan on geo-targeting, make sure to specify the state as well to avoid confusion. Consider using adwords scripts and keyword tools to get started.
  • Bland ad copy - Your ad copy should entice users to click on it. So make sure the ad copy is vibrant and at the same time, gives the right information about your business. Automatic adwords ad creator tools are a god starting place to get some help.
  • Change or lack of goals - You cannot change the goals of your PPC campaign half way as that will cause more harm than good for you. If your goals have changed, started another PPC campaign structured for the new goals.
Automated Adwords
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Some Statistics

30.89 % : percentage of smartphone Google searches that show at least 1 ad on the first page.

65 % of all clicks done by users who intend to make a purchase go to paid ads.

Each $1 spent on PPC campaign, companies earn an average revenue of $2.

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