PPC for travel

We have brought out three tips that can help every business owner and manager in the travel industry to reap the rich potential of a PPC campaign.

  • Know your audience well - Are you targeting those with their 20s and 30s or seniors? Any specific location from which you're targeting? Make a list of this target audience so you can structure your PPC campaign accordingly for the best results.
  • Know your competitors - While it is great to know your audience, it is equally important to know your competitors. make a list of their strengths, weaknesses and gaps, so you can fill them and gain a larger market share.
  • Have patience - Though PPC campaigns give quick results, you have to wait for a few months to see a substantial impact on your revenue.
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Some Statistics

Approximatly 52 percent of visitors buying online prefer to click on paid ad atop Google's search engine results pages.

Consumers are 27 times open to click on online video ad than standard banners.

Top Social media capture 33 % of the online time.

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