where to start with google adwords

To start with Google AdWords and set up your first Google campaign, you will be offered a configuration option as soon as you create your account: after entering your website address, you can click on "continue" or "I am an experienced AdWords user". Many experts therefore recommend using the configuration for advanced users directly. It is better to work on a full version, even if you have to spend more time discovering the scope of the functions, rather than working as an amateur. The effort invested in the quality of your campaign will not be in vain.
Automated Adwords
Key Benefits
Smart keyword research for online marketing campaigns
Regularly improve your Google Ads
Adwords best-practice ads management for many pages
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Some Statistics

Consumers are 27 times open to click on a video ad than traditionnal banners.

The first 3 ads receive 46 % of the clicks on the page.

43 % of new customers purchase a product they have seen in a YouTube ad.