You are a small
or medium business ?

It is more important than ever to appear on Google when potential customers are looking for your products or services.
But let’s face it, creating high-performing ads today is complicated, time-consuming and often costly.

Easy as ABC...

Google Ads can be time-consuming, but not with us. We created a fully automated tool for businesses willing to get more visitors.

Answer a few questions and be ready to appear on Google when people are looking for your services or products.

Customized Ads..

Our machine learning algorithms will constantly improve your keywords ands ads, in order to offer you the best results for a smaller budget.

Your clients will see quality ads that are directly related to the keyword they wrote in Google Search.

Stop wasting money.

No more need for expensive agencies or marketing consultants to make advanced ad structures for your search campaigns.

Instaon exceeds human limitations and creates unbeatable ads from the start and for no money. You only pay Google for customers you receive.

Support to help you grow

After optimizing thousands of accounts for the past 8 years, we decided to bring all our knowledge into one simple tool.

Imagine a system so smart it would know how to grow any kind of business

Complete your
Ads in 5 minutes


Create your Instaon account

Start by creating your free Instaon account to access our smart advertising platform.


Set your advertising goals

Start by creating your free Instaon account to access our smart advertising platform.


Advanced keyword research

Instaon extracts the most relevant keywords based on your website, industry and ad template.


Tailored ads for better results

Select and adapt where needed Instaon’s generated ads to improve your ads results.


High quality Google Ads Automation starting Free

Pay a custom price for your ideal level of investment. Start free and upgrade as you grow.


€0 Month

This plan is perfect for companies or individuals willing to use our tool without any support by digital marketing experts. This plan is great for smaller companies that want to appear on Google, but that don't need active advanced integrations.

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€60 Month

This plan suits companies that are willing to use Google Ads fully and run medium to complex campaigns. For companies in which Google Ads is an important client acquisition channel, this is the most popular plan.

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Alicia Grey - Owner of a coffeeshop

“Instaon is easy, fast and effective”

With the increase of competition in my city, I started noticing a decrease of foreign customers over time. That’s why I decided to start advertising online. Even with zero expertise in online marketing, I was able, thanks to Instaon, to build an impactful online visibility on Google.

Best coffees in Town | 10+ coffee beans |

Relax and have your favorite coffee in one of our perfectly located coffeeshops .

Shibuya, Tokyo

Tom Lenings - Professional photographer

“Online leads doubled with Instaon”

I’m a professional photographer, specialised in family portraits and wedding photography. In order to get new clients, I decided to launch Google ads myself, but results were really poor. Instaon helped me improving my ad structure and performance, resulting in a 100% increase of incoming leads !

Professional Photographer | Family Portraits at Home |

Family portraits or wedding pictures needed ? Just call me to get a quote!

Brooklyn, New York

Cecile Vors - Environmental lawyer

“No need for expensive consultants”

About a year ago, I decided to open my own law firm. My previous jobs helped me to start with a small client portfolio, but after a few months I felt the urge of getting new clients. This is where Instaon was a game changer. After 5 minutes, I was present on Google and new clients started contacting me.

Environmental lawyer in NYC | Companies & Governments |

Provides legal services for SMB’s and governments in the environmental sector.

Green Point, Cape Town, SA